Descendants of John STANFORD


7. Albert Ernest STANFORD

Albert selected land Skenes Creek Rd 5 miles from Apollo Bay. Land noted as being at "first point one could see the sea". Land may be identified today as there is a telecom tower located on the highest part.

Land opposite was selected by two of the Downie brothers - brothers of Euphemia Downie, wife to William Williams (oldest of James Williams children)

Albert later established Elderslie Guest House (later Greenacres Guesthouse & motel. Operated to 2002 but closed mid 2002 for demolition to be replaced by apartments. Photo of original building and of Albert and Elizabeth held by owners of Greenacres who advised that they 'hope' to donate it to the Apollo Bay historical society.

Albert undertook a range of contracting jobs in area including mail runs and, of interest, moving the then Methodist church from its site to a new location (current site?) because the land on which it had been built was reserved for the post office.

Albert later went orcharding close Melbourne's east (Mt Waverley)

12. Charles Trevor STANFORD

Killed in Action, France 1918

13. Ray Vernon STANFORD

Killed in farm accident 1903. "One Sunday, it was Ray's eighth birthday, Bert [Hunt, looking after the selection for Albert] went to bring the horses home. Charlie and Ray went with him. They were always fond of a ride on horseback. Bert caught the horses, put one of the boys on each horse and they started off at a smart canter. They had not gone far, when the horse Ray was riding, put one foot in a hole and stumbled, throwing Ray on to his head. His neck was broken and death was instantaneous. I was watching them from the house and saw it happen. I expected to see him get up and when he didn't I ran to see why. Bert was there before me, also Mr Webster, who happened to be near. Bert went back to get the horses and Mr Webster was carrying Ray home when I me him. His first words were "He is dead". Battler by the Bay, A. Stanford, p 36

Buried Marengo cemetary