Descendants of Benjamin Head


1. Benjamin Head

An index of surnames suggests that "Head" (Heads, Heed) derived from or meant: (i) Hubertus cum testa 1130 P (D); Ralph Heued 1166 P (Nf); Thomasa Hede c 1246 Caiv (Y). A nickname from OE heafod 'head'.
(ii) Thomas del Heved 1275 R H (Nt); Roger Byheved 1285 AssCh; Walter Othehede 1331 DbCh. 'Dweller by the promontory or hill, or near the source of a stream or head of a valley', OE heafod.

Benjamin was, according to the marriage records for John Hanniford Head and Caroline Barker, a farmer - but it should be noted that such records are unreliable.

It is understood that Benjamin had at least one other child - a daughter - name unknown.