Descendants of William Barker


1. William Barker

WILLIAM BARKER, a son of WILLIAM BARKER and MARY WEST, was born at HADDENHAM, Cambridgeshire, England. He married SARAH TUTTY (in approximately 1832 - 1833) at WILTON (according to his death certificate - the death certificate of Sarah Tutty says Lincolnshire).
With their eight children, whose ages ranged from 19 years to 1 year they came to Australia in the ship "AGRA", leaving Southampton on 25 August 1854 and arriving at Geelong on 3 Decembner 1854.
On their arrival in Australia their ship was held up in the Bay for some time, it being the time of the "Eureka" riots (Eureka 3 December 1854).
The family settled in Geelong for about 8 years, later moving to Ballarat where William worked at his trade of Blacksmith and Wheelwright in Creswicvk Road.
"We (grandchildren) were always told the family "settled" at Geelong. Maybe they did - that is William Snr., Sarah & the younger children) later - the shipping list shows them leaving for Melbourne. William Jr, being engaged by a James Holmes of Barabool Hills for 1 year @ L78; Emily engaged by a Mrs Patterson of Queenscliffe for 3 months for L20; and Simon engaged by William Seal of Barabool Hills for 6 months for L30. (reference- william Barker, shipping list)."
Of the children it is knows that both Caroline and George were born at Haddenham, Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire & this is possibly where all were born. The family - William, Emily, Simon, Caroline, Joseph, Charles, Mary and George.
In 1971 a great-grand daughter May (nee Williams) and her husband Tom Dawe visited Haddenham whilst in England. They visited two church cemeteries but unfortunately the names on the tombstones were unreadable and there was no-one about to ask regarding records. It's possible they were looking at great-great etc. grandparents graves all the same."

2. William Barker

William came to Australia with his parents, brothers and sisters in the ship "AGRA" in 1854.
He is classed as a carpenter, Weslean and is literate. He was 19 years of age at the time of leaving England. On arrival in Geelong, William was at once engaged by JAMES HOLMES of barabool Hills for 1 year at L78

6. Joseph Tutty Barker

JOSEPH was 10 years of age when he arrived in Victoria with his parents and members of the family. It is understood that after leaving the three elder children in Geelong, the parents moved to melbourne.
Joseph, a butcher by trade, lived at Doveton St., Ballarat.

7. Charles Barker

Charles was 8 years of age at the time of arrival in the colony. He was literate, as were the older children and father, William.